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How to Receive
All items are free, some requires shipping cost. Please treat Dharma materials with respect and care.

If you prefer, you can give the book back to others later, to keep the chain of giving.
Free Books by Mail
We are establishing a platform for exchanging/recommending buddhist books.

Please check for update while we are building. In the mean time you can request books directly from Free Books Distributors.
How to Give
Rather than absorb a Buddhist book and place it away on a bookshelf, you can offer that book to others.

You can offer pickup at your temple, or even cover shipping cost.
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Category: Practice
The Joy of Compassion by Lama Zopa Rinpoche   Read Online
Request Directly: Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive
Clarity and Calm by Ajahn Sucitto   PDF
Request Directly: Abhayagiri Temple
Free Books Distributors
Free Shipping Internationally:

Budaedu Based in Taiwan. Free books in multiple languages. Allow two months for the book to arrive in US.

Just be good Based in Singapore. Free books in multiple languages.

Pu Ti Guang Based in Taiwan. Free books in Chinese.

Free Books in USA:

Amitabha Library Based in Chicago. Free books with free shipping in English and Chinese.

Abhayagiri Based in California. Free books with free shipping in English.

BAUS Based in New York. Free books in English and Chinese. Shipping costs $2 per item.

LamaYeshe Based in Massachusetts. Free books in English, pay shipping cost only.

Free Books in Malaysia:

Inward Path Based in Malaysia. Free books in English and Chinese, pay shipping cost only.