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Welcome to BuddhistExchange and thanks for considering using BuddhistExchange!

There are many buddhist practitioners and organizations are happy to give brand new buddhist books for free. There are many people want to give away their used books as well. BuddhistExchange is a platform to make the exchange happen.

To Receiver
All books are free you just pay for shipping, some givers even provide free shipping option, or provide local pickup. After you ordered the book, you need to send the payment for shipping to the giver, if shipping cost is not waived. You inform the giver about your payment through your account.

You can re-list the book to give to others after reading it, so that you become a giver too! You need to complete giver profile to give.

To Giver
Different from ebay where sellers make money, givers on BuddhistExchange are Buddhism practitioners or temples who need a channel of giving. Giver gives books away for free, receivers may pay for shipping cost. The shipping cost estimate should roughly break even, if you obtain the packaging material at whole sale price. However, receiver is still expected to pay the estimated shipping cost before giver ship the book. The shipping cost includes packaging cost and paypal transaction cost.

Shipping rate goes by weight within USA, regardless of distance. Over 5 ounces go by MediaMail:
up to 5 ounces: by First Class mail $2.41

up to 1 pound: $2.53 + Packaging: $0.50
Up to 2 pounds: $2.98 + Packaging: $0.50
Up to 3 pounds: $3.43 + Packaging: $1.00
Up to 4 pounds: $3.88 + Packaging: $1.10
Up to 5 pounds: $4.33 + Packaging: $1.20
Up to 6 pounds: $4.78 + Packaging: $1.30
Up to 7 pounds: $5.23 + Packaging: $1.40
The increments for shipping cost are 43 cents per pound, plus packaging cost 10 cents, all the way up to $32.32 for the 70 lbs max.

The giver specifies the weight of each book, cost goes by total shipping cost.
We currently can only support:
International Shipping: Free or TBD by giver
Domestic shipping in countries other than USA: Free or TBD by giver

However, you can always contact the seller about international shipping. If you want to help establishing the domestic shipping rate for your country, please let us know.

How to help
  • Sharing or requesting book on BuddhistExchange.
  • Telling friends to share or request books on BuddhistExchange
  • Telling your temple to distribute books on BuddhistExchange
  • Spreading the message on the internet, discussion forums, facebook, twiter
  • If the website doesn't work well for you, drop us a note and we appreciate your feedback
  • If you want an additional feature, let us know!

About BuddhistExchange
BuddhistExchange is created and maintained by layman Buddhism practitioners from New Jersey. The mission of BuddhistExchange is to serve as an online exchange platform for the Buddhist community, so that help to spread of knowledge of Buddhism.

Please drop us a note at support@buddhistexchange.com if you need any help, or have any suggestion, thanks!